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It is an Institute where we give a guarantee of govt job in Bank or SSC, within a given time frame. It is based on research and course design, and exam strategy by our team of Bankers and other professionals over the last four years.

We do not get any fees till our students are finally selected for a post. If our students are not selected within the given time frame, they get 100% refund of the security deposit.

We guarantee the govt job as our teaching is based on the research of our team who have all qualified in the toughest of competitive exams many times.

To fulfill our guarantee, we will not take any fees from you and refund the full security amount.

For the confidence of our students and their guardians, The Institute will sign an agreement with the student and guardian, on stamp paper, the security amount will be deposited to our bank account via Cheque or Demand Draft only. This will ensure that you can know where your money is going.

We are giving guarantee for Bank PO, Bank Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and various other govt jobs.

The course duration is 8 months followed by 2 months of Exam Strategy practice. There will also be an optional set practice of 4 months for interested candidates.

Anyone who wishes to get a guaranteed govt job in Bank or SSC can get admission. However, the seats are limited each year. Also we will not have more than 25 students in each batch.

The student has to visit our centre with his guardian, where an agreement will be signed between the student, guardian and our Institute. After that, the security amount should be deposited in the form of Cheque or DD. A small and simple test will be taken to confirm the present knowledge level of the candidate, after which he/she will be enrolled in our Zero Fees batch.

For admission to our Low-Cost batch, you have to visit our centre with a passport size photo and register for that batch. All required details and offers will be provided at the centre.

The teachers teaching the guaranteed batch will also take some classes in the low-cost batch. Also, our mentors would take some classes there. The teachers from our associated Institutions will also take classes.

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